Wahl 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver

Wahl 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver

Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver

Amid hundreds of models and categories, the Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver is a great one. It has secured its berth amid the brands and features for its special appeal and easy shaving system. The shaver is a great one and comes with some particular features. A clean shave is the best feature that the shaver can offer you. On the other side, the shaver has an easy cleaning option. If you want to upgrade to a new electric shaver from an old one, this one could be of great help to you. Shaving habit different from men to men and so the manufacturers have made a wide variety.

This Wahl Professional 8061-100 is one of the most prominent ones among the other shavers. It has something special in it. It does not matter you are a newbie or an expert, the shaver is able to provide you with the best possible performance. The shave that you will get from this shaver is quite smoother. In fact, this would be a great tool for you. Amid hundreds of business, this is tough indeed to make some moments for a clean shave. And the necessity of the shaver arrives in this case. This piece from the Wahl is able to satisfy all your shaving needs. Besides, the electric shaver appears with some improved technology that will reduce your irritation. There are some men who become easily irritated with the electric shavers but their experience would be something else when they will apply this shaver.

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How to find the best electric shaver?

Puzzling issue indeed. There are hundreds of brands available and which one to choose? Yes, this is a remarkable issue to consider. When you are able to select the right one, your experience will be good. And if you fail to get the right one for you, there might b different troubles every day. A simple mistake is able to ruin your day. There are chances that you will not get a complete shave or your hairs will not be cleaned at all. Besides, there are issues about the sideburns and mustaches. If you cannot trim them, you are unable to get the right look. Considering all the issues, you will get a very bad experience if you fail to select the best one.

So, the idea of getting some information in prior before you purchase an electric shaver would be helpful for you to many extents. Accordingly, here are some best features of an electric shaver. For your better understanding, the features are narrowed down.


Although this is the age of advertisement, you do not need to rely on them. Rather, try to get some real information. You might get suggestions from your surrounding people who use electric shavers. They will be able to provide you the best guidelines about the shavers which are faster. In fact, without a faster shaver, you would be unable to get the desired speed. Most of the electric shavers advertise the products that they shave faster. But in reality, the scenario is completely the opposite. When you try to shave faster with a speed, you fall the victim of injuries.

A large number of such incidents take place which during shaving in the morning hours will shock you. People get seriously injured in their face when they try shaving faster with a shaver which is not able to shave faster. When you try to get some extraordinary shave with a razor that is not able to provide the right performance, there are chances that you will be injured. Therefore, the best idea is to get a shaver which can shave quickly. The key reason for using an electric shaver is to get a faster shave in this busy life. You might also read some authentic reviews in this case to get a shaver which shaves faster.

Shaver types

When you are shaving, have you ever noticed which type of shaver you use? Do you like to have a dry shave or a wet shave? Which types of razors suit you most? In fact, we rarely notice such issues. They are the least issues that we take care of. Before you take the decision to get an electric shaver, you have to decide about the shaving type you own. Using an electric shaver is not a part of fashion or style. People use electric shavers based on their necessities and situations. You will notice that there are different types of electric shavers are available and not everyone is using the same one.

There are variations. Some of the shavers are able to perform in dry conditions while some others are well performing in wet conditions. But both the performances are of the same quality. It is the users who prefer to select the shaver types. When you are using the dry shaver, you will a smooth shave. At the same time, you will get a complete shave even when you are having the shave under a shower. Both the shavers are able to offer you the best possible shave ever you experienced. But you are to select the shaver you want. If you want a dry shave, you should take the one that performs better in dry conditions. If you want a wet shave, you must get the one which is waterproof. There are some shavers which come with both the features.

Charging is an issue

Well, if you are a newbie with an electric shaver, you might not be aware of the charging issues. In fact, the charge of an electric shaver plays an important role here. If you do not have the right amount of charge in your shaver, you would be unable to shave. As most of the electric shavers come with rechargeable batteries, you need to be aware of the charge issues. You have to be careful about the charging each of the time you shave. Most of the manufacturers have taken care of the issue. As a result, there are some electric shavers with cords so that you can plug-in and shave. It helps to prevent worries of charging the shavers.

But there are some people who find this process irritating. And this is sometimes tough indeed to arrange alternative power sources inside the bathroom. Hence, the necessity of rechargeable electric shavers arrived. Now the manufacturers are using different types of rechargeable batteries to charge the shavers and shave. This is truly a convenient way for them. But when the charge is lower, you need to be in trouble. You have to be aware of the charge issues and get an electric shaver that lasts longer in terms of charge.

Foil or rotary?

Generally, the electric shavers are available in foil and rotary forms. No ideas about what they are? Well. The foil shaver is made for sensitive people while the rotary shavers are for the all other people. There are a few basic differences between the two types of shavers. The foil shavers are for the sensitive people. When people have issues with an electric shaver, they can use the foil shavers. The foil shavers are for those who feel irritated in their face. After having a shaver, people often feel skin burn. It happens for their sensitive skin. Therefore, the people who are sensitive, they need to use this foil shaver.

On the other side, the rotary shavers have some cutters that rotate across the skin. They come into close contact with the skin to remove the hairs. As a result, it creates a clean shave. People who have the sensitive skin are unable to bear this type of shavers. The foil shavers do not get into a close contact with the skin and accordingly, the people get a relief. Considering the aspects, you are to select the one that suits you most. If you are sensitive in this case, it is better to move for the foil shavers. And if you do not have any such skin issues, you might get the rotary shavers.

Head replacement

Generally, the heads of the electric shavers need to replace after a certain time. Most of the manufacturers produce shaver heads that need to be changed after around one year. This is economic too in other terms. There are some other razors which do not have this feature. You might even need to change the razor head after a couple of months. Therefore, you need to check this feature carefully. You can also use the interchangeable heads which will save you from unnecessary costs. This is one of the most common rules for buying an electric razor that you have to change the heads. There are some models which allow the interchange of the heads.

But if you are unable to get the interchangeable heads, you need to find the one that will last longer. As the electric shavers are a bit pricey products, certainly you do not want to spend your dollars on getting accessories every month. You need something that will last longer and will serve you most. Considering the aspect, you have to sort out the piece that is able to meet your demands. Hence, you should take the one that comes with either head replacement feature or with a longer lasting shaver head.


Some of the electric shavers come with flexibilities for the users. The shaving heads are flexible and thus they get the opportunity to shave in different orders. Usually, the shaving heads are fixed. As a result, you cannot take the heads to some parts of your face even if you want. Therefore, some of the hairs remain in the cheek that you cannot notice. But if the shaver is flexible, you would be able to move the razor heads across your face. You can cover all the face smoothly and cut the hairs. When you are there for an electric shaver, you need to check if the head is flexible or not.

Some of the manufacturers are aware of the issue and accordingly, they have shaped their razor heads in an exact manner. You would be able to move the razor heads across your face for a smoother shaving experience. When the shaver is able to move independently, it will cover the remotest corners of the face and remove the hairs. Consequently, you will have a great look and clean shave. The 3D models are the best suited for this purpose. They can reach the contour lines and you will feel the difference.

LED panel

In the present context, the presence of an LED panel is a must for every electric shaver. You are using an electric shaver as you lack time to do it manually. So, you need to have a charge on the shaver. But what if you find the shaver without a charge at the time of shaving? This is really embarrassing. And you might not have the moments to charge it during that moment. If there is an LED panel on the shaver, you would be able to know about the charging condition of the shaver. The LED panel shows the latest charging status which will inform you about the charging condition.

This is truly a great way to get informed about the charging issues. In fact, the LED panel saves time for the users. Earlier, people were unaware of the charging status and had to bear the troubles when they used to shave. But with the change of time, the electric shaver manufacturers are aware of the issue. They are now adding some LED indicators or panels to the shavers so that the users could be able to know how much the charge is remaining in the shaver. This is truly a great way to save time and have a convenient shaving. Therefore, you should check on the shaver that it comes with an LED feature.

Emergency charging

This is natural that you forget about the charging issues. In fact, due to your business, you could not manage enough time to charge the shaver. In that case, an emergency charging is able to help you out. Usually, the shavers offer at least three minutes of emergency shaving that will allow you to complete the shaving for that moment and later you can place the shaver on charge. There are some electric shavers which do not have this sort of features. Therefore, you need to check the issues lest you are in trouble in the middle of your shave.

In fact, the emergency charging helps to assist you during the emergency hours. People who had such situations are able to comprehend how troublesome the situations is when the battery dies in the middle of the shave or there is no charge in the battery at the moment you need most. Therefore, it would be wise if you check about the emergency charging issue if it is available with the shaver or not.

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Why this Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver is preferable?

You might have a bunch of razors at home to meet your shaving needs. But have you ever wondered which one suits you most? Or which one is preferable for you all the time? If you are in a habit to use the shavers randomly, you might not notice the matter. But people who are selective certainly know which one is preferable to them. This particular product from Wahl offers the very best benefits to the users. You will get some additional features that are not available with the other shavers. Besides, there are few other reasons which will amaze you after you use this shaver every day.

Here are some key features of this shaver are narrated to make you informed about the shaver.

Better performance

The shaver from this brand is able to perform better than any other shavers. In fact, there are some basic differences between this shaver and the other brands. The poor quality shavers are unable to get some straight lines. And often they malfunction. Everything becomes irritating when you cannot get the right performance with the shaver. And if the beginning of the day is not right, there are possibilities that you will have to experience some unwanted events during the day. You would not be able to control all the things and you might have some negative reaction. The beginning was the shave.

Therefore, you need an electric shaver that will perform better than the other shavers. And this particular Wahl piece is able to satisfy your needs. The performance of the shaver is able to meet all of your needs. This manufacturer takes humble pride in manufacturing the shaver with quality materials. The quality materials of this product are able to serve you for a long time and each of the time you will be happy with the performance.

Flexible shaving

The shaving process is flexible with this shaver. With most of the shavers, you are unable to make a complete shave. You will need an external trimmer to remove some of the hairs from certain parts. But with this Wahl piece, you would be able to get a complete shave. The shaver is able to reach in all the parts of your face. You do not need to worry about the mustache or about the sideburns. Sometimes, there are troubles with the shavers. The shavers are too fixed that you cannot bend them to reach under the chin or the sideburns. As a result, the shave remains incomplete.

This is a very flexible shaver that will allow you to reach all the parts of the face to have a complete shave. The unique glide option will let you clean the hair from the remotest part of the face. And at the same time, you will have no razor burns at all.


The durability that the shaver will provide you is up to the mark. In the present day, many of the manufacturers produce shavers that do not last long. Within a short time, the shavers collapse. In fact, they are some pieces of junks. As a result, the users need to get a new shaver or their accessories. They need to change the shaver heads frequently or they need to change the casing. This is often a painful task for the users. You are using an electric shaver for your comfort but whenever you need to take care of the shaver frequently, it certainly would be a headache.

This Wahl piece is truly a durable partner for your shaving. The manufacturer has added a strong casing for the shaver. You will not need to change the shaver head frequently. Moreover, you will get a durable performance at the same time. The design of the shaver is ergonomic and you can customize the experience of shaving with an electric shaver. The casing of the shaver allows you to carry the shaver at any place you want and you know what – there would be no damage at all. Besides, the shaver comes with a lightweight feature too.

Rechargeable battery

The batteries installed inside the shaver are rechargeable. As a result, you can get some impressive shaves. The small cells are able to provide a durable experience of battery life for this shaver. The battery lasts longer than average electric shaver batteries. You need no worries about how much longer you will use the shaver. Sometimes, the users are in troubles with the batteries. They try to save the batteries in many ways which are really upsetting for a smooth clean shave. The manufacturer of this product has taken the right care of the batteries. The batteries will get charged in a minimal time and will serve you more.

Due to the compact design of the shaver, the batteries are used less. The blades perform well with the less consumption of the batteries. As a direct result, you can have smoother shaves and for a longer time. A complete charge of the batteries will provide you shave for over a week even if you shave twice to remove the unwanted hairs.

Great for sensitive skin

It is said earlier that some of the men are unable to use all types of shavers. And this is one of the key features that you should look before taking the decision of purchasing an electric shaver. The shaver from Wahl comes with a foil that is able to reduce the skin burning. In fact, the shaver has been manufactured reminding the sensitive skin of the users. But people of all types of skins are able to use the shaver. It does not point out that only the people with sensitive skin will be able to use the shaver and get comfort. The comfort level is the same for all types of users.

The sharp blades are able to remove the facial hairs and at the same time will provide the best level of comfort to the users. Regardless of your skin type, you can try this shaver and get benefitted in all terms. The shaver is able to remove all types of hairs even from your neck.


The price of the shaver might make you feel wonderful. This shaver is too inexpensive comparing the other types of shavers. Besides, there are ample features that will make you feel great. In fact, the manufacturer has produced this shaver considering some specific conditions. An electric shaver is a must for every man who wants a clean shave. And at the same time, the socio-economic condition of everyone is not the same. So, at times, people are unable to get the electric shaver even if they need it most. A cheaper shaver with some better features would be able to meet their shaving needs.

Accordingly, the manufacturer of the shaver has produced the shaver considering the issues in mind. The shaver is cheaper but the features are obviously up to the mark. The features of the shaver are able to provide a durable service to you for a reasonable time in exchange of dollars you spend to have it.



  • Clean shave: the Wahl Professional 8061 is able to provide you a cleaner shave than the average electric shavers.
  • Suits all skin types: the shaver is made with improved technology that will suit all types of skins and there would be no skin burning.
  • Easy to use: this product is too easy to use even if you do not have any previous experience of using an electric shaver.
  • Lightweight: many of the shavers come with a moderate weight but this one is lightweight. Shaving experience is different with this piece.
  • Strong motor: the motor used in the shaver is strong and consumes less power.



  • Cuts smaller hairs: the shaver is perfect for shaving smaller hair. This is not suitable to reduce the long hairs.
  • No LED panel: this shaver does not have LED panel. Therefore, you need to be careful about the charge or you can plug-in before you shave.
  • Weak foil: the foil used in the shaver is a bit weaker and could be damaged if you apply a bit pressure on it.

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Final Verdict

Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver is one of the improved electric shavers that will perform better. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most prominent hairdressing devices for men across the world. The brand itself is a symbol of quality and reliability. Besides, you are getting an electric shaver at almost half of the price than the other ordinary shavers. And there is no change in the features. Rather, the features are more than the contemporary shavers available around. If you have a sensitive skin and afraid of using an electric shaver, this one is a great piece for you. The battery life is extraordinary. Considering all the features and options, you can rely on the brand without a second thought.

Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver is one of the gems that will offer you the experience of a clean shave. The shaver comes with foil which reduces skin irritation and makes you feel better. This Wahl product is economic and filled with special features for all the men.