Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are pricey kinds of stuff and they serve men in different ways. The Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver is one of the best pieces made ever. In fact, the manufacturer is one of the reputed brands of the world for many of the quality home appliances. And at the same time, the manufacturer has gained the reputation of producing durable products for everyone. So, when you are set to get an electric shaver for your ordinary use, you can certainly consider this particular product. As the products are pricey, you need to be careful about selecting the right piece for you.

Maintenance of the electric shavers is another issue that makes the users worried. In fact, people use the electric shavers to save their times and when this is about cleaning the head and the shaver, it becomes tough for them to manage the required time. This is another fact that the manufacturers consider. When you will get a shaver from a reputed manufacturer, you will get some flexibility. The shaver will not require frequent cleaning. And accordingly, you can save your time. Some of the manufacturers have their refund policies which are truly convenient for all types of users. Further, there are features like dry and wet shave as well which will amaze you. In fact, the features of an electric shaver are really loveable. People who have not used the shavers will not comprehend the issue.

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How to select the best electric shaver?

Hundreds of brands are dominating the marketplace and selecting the right one for individuals is hard for the electric shaver users. And their experiences are not the same in all the cases. Some of the users might have found the experience bitter while some others have a perfect experience. It happened as they could select the right one for them and the others could not get the effective one. All these happened as they did not have the idea before getting the electric shaver.

It appears that it would be wise if you get some ideas in prior before you decide to get an electric shaver. Some key features of electric shavers are pointed here so that you get the right information before you purchase the electric shaver.

Clean Shave

This is one of the best features of the electric shavers. You will get a clean shave. No other razors are as sharp as the electric razors are. As a result, the users get a cleaner shave that lasts longer. Usually, the electric shavers are able to remove the stubs from their roots. This is not possible for the other usual shavers. People might try the ordinary razors to get a clean shave. But in the long run, this is not possible for them to get the right shave at the end of the day. The usual razors are unable to reach the root of the hair.

Besides, there are some people who are the perfectionist in every term. They need to have the perfect thing in every sphere of life. And when it is about shaving, they are too much picky in this case. Only an electric shaver is able to meet their needs. In fact, you will be amazed how clean the shave is through an electric shaver. Many of the users are in love with this feature. As a result, the shaver is gaining popularity in the present days. With the passage of time, the advancement of electric shavers is taking place and the users are getting the perfects clean shave. So, you need to check if the shaver is able to have a clean shave.

Rotary shaver

Among the varieties, the rotary shaver is one of the prominent ones. This is the type which cleans the hairs perfectly. In a rotary electric shaver, there are three or four heads. They are floated and designed to reach even the remote parts of the face. Sometimes, the users want to clean the faces completely and a rotary shaver is there for them. The shaver glides over the face. The cutters spin and remove the hairs. And most importantly, the cutters are silent. They do not create any noise during the operation. This is a relief for the users in many aspects.

Besides, the rotary shavers are also easy to clean. You do not need to spend much time after cleaning the shaver. You can clean that with the use of water and if it needs further cleaning, you can apply some liquid soap as well. Different tests have been done with the shaver and it was found that the shaving process and cleaning system is easier with the rotary shavers. So, most of the cases, men are tending to use the rotary shaver than the other types of shavers. In fact, they are beneficial too at some points for the users.

Foils shaver

There are some men who have skin disorders. And shaving causes different types of troubles for them. They feel irritating while they shave. So, the electric shaver manufacturers have brought another category – foil shavers. In fact, the foil electric shavers are able to provide a sense of comfort for the users. They do not come into a close contact with the users. When the users apply the shavers on their face, they do not feel any irritation. The shaver blades do not touch the skin rather cuts the hairs from a distance. But it does not point out that the hairs do not get the right cut.

Some other features of this shaver have made it more popular among the users. Since there are no skin irritations, this is the perfect fit for people who want a comfortable shave. Often people are in a rush while they shave and hurt themselves in different ways. But when they will apply the foil shaver, they will be free of all types of injuries and troubles. The overall performance of the foil shavers is worth the money you will spend on the product. The most promising factor about the shaver is that you will get a very comfortable shave within a short time.

Power issues

Most of the electric shavers run either on batteries or based on direct power from external sources. The users get the shavers based on their convenience. Some of the electric shavers are available in cordless forms and most of the time they use the battery. Usually, you will need to charge the battery and the charging time varies. The electric shaver might take around one to six hours to get completely charged. When the batteries are fully charged, you can use them for around 40 to 50 minutes. It points out that you will have the chance of shaving for about seven to eight times.

While picking the electric shaver, you have to be aware of the power issues. Sometimes, there are chances that you get the shaver that comes with a cord. In that case, you will need a plugging point inside your bathroom to get the necessary power to run the shaver. This is sometimes annoying for the users. They do not want to shave with a cord as they do not have power sources inside the bathroom. As a matter of fact, most of the men prefer the shavers that come with cordless features. You just need to recharge the batteries once or twice in a week. Even, there are some emergency power backups available as well for the rechargeable shavers.

LED lights

The integration of LED lights on the electric shavers is another outstanding feature. This has made shaving easier. Basically, the LED lights are used to inform about the battery status and other related issues. When a person wants to shave, by checking the LED indicator, he could be able to know about the battery details of the shaver. In fact, the battery percentage is indicated on the LED section of the shaver. It allows the users to know about the latest battery condition and accordingly can place the shaver in charge. Truly, this feature has made the shaver convenient for the users.

Earlier, people were unable to know about the charging conditions as there were no LEDs. So, often they had to experience that the shaver is out of charge and they have to recharge the batteries. Though this is not a hard job to finish, most of the cases, people had no time to spend for the recharging hours. An electric shaver takes at least an hour to get charged completely. And when you are in a rush, you cannot allow that moment to the shaver. With the association of the LED, the user can determine the convenient charging time. Therefore, the manufacturers have attached the LEDs with most of the electric shavers. So, if you are determined to get an electric shaver, make sure it comes with the LED feature.

Auto operation

Some of the electric shavers come with an auto shutdown feature. The feature allows the users to be free of hassles. When the charge is completed, the shaver will shut down automatically. This is a good way to prevent untoward events. It is not always possible for the users of electric shavers to care about the charging issues. They might forget about the shaver when it is in charging position. To prevent explosion or other incidents, the auto shutdown feature plays a great role. As the shaver shuts down automatically, there are no chances of explosion or causing any other damages.

Though there are no such events took place so far while charging an electric shaver, it brings a sense of comfort to the users. A saying goes that prevention is better than cure and the manufacturer has applied this theory with the electric shavers. Considering the safety issues, the manufacturers have attached this particular feature that will keep you and your surroundings safe. You are free of unexpected worries. Therefore, it would be wise if you check if the shaver you are planning to get contains the feature.

Dry Shaving

You might wonder in this case that the electric shavers are able to provide a dry shave to the users. This is the special feature of an electric shaver. You do not need to add any external leather to get the shave. The shaver is able to provide you with the best ever shave with the dry shaving process. Usually, people need different elements to have a shave every day in the morning hours. They need a shaving cream or gel, apply that on the face, wait for a few moments to soften the hair and then finally start the shaving. Wow! This is truly a long story to describe in brief.

When you are using an electric shaver, you just need to check if the shaver has enough battery to perform the shave. And then, you can start the shaving. It is too simple just like drinking a glass of water from a jar. You do not need to collect the water, boil it, check it further and then finally decide to drink it. The manufacturer has focused on the issue and accordingly has come up with the dry shaving plan. Do not worry if the shaving will be okay or not. It will go fine indeed.

Wet Shaving

Want to enjoy shaving under a shower? Yes, this is now possible for the electric shavers. Some of the electric shavers come with a waterproof feature. It allows the users to shave even under the shower. This is a great feature in many aspects. When the user is in rush and need to meet deadlines at the office and at the same time needs a shave, this feature works well. There are no chances of getting injured at all while the shaving is on. There are some ideas that you might get injured during the shave when the shaver comes in close contact with water.

But in reality, you are almost free of worries. There are no chances of getting injured. And when you are shaving with the wet feature, you will feel something different. The shaving experience will get a change in your life with this wet shaving feature.

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Why Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic is a globally reputed brand that has long been producing various types of consumer products. The brand is manufacturing a wide number of products for the people around the world. Accordingly, the brand is now a popular one and you can rely on the products without a second thought. The electric shaver from this manufacturer is one of the top quality products that make the shaving experience smoother for the users. The shavers come with some great features and you will be amazed at the shaving experience.

Here are some key features of this shaver to prove it as the best among the other ordinary electric shavers.


Men want comfort while shaving. This is the perfect piece that will provide the best comfort to the men who will use it. The manufacturer has taken proper initiatives to make the experience comfortable. The blades of the shaver are up to the mark. They are able to reach in the deepest part of the skin to bring out the hairs. At the same time, you will not feel any discomfort during this process. Moreover, the cutters can reach the hairs on your face and even the neck. You can smoothly shave the parts and of course, the process is quicker. The shaver is also able to prevent skin irritation simultaneously for the users who have sensitive skin.

The other thing you can do is adjust the shaver head based on your needs. Most of the ordinary shavers are unable to provide this feature. The heads are not flexible and thus unable to reach the parts of the face. Overall, the comfort you will get is remarkable.

Cordless Shaver

The cordless feature of this shaver is the other notable feature of this shaver that has made the entire shaving process easier for the users. The feature has brought more comfort for the users. Now you do not need to carry the cord and plug-in inside a power socket. In fact, this is really a hassle for the users to carry the cords while shaving. And only for this reason, the product has got extraordinary popularity among the men across the world. Just charge the shaver and use it as long as you need. No issues of cord or power socket inside your bathroom. Moreover, it will save your time at the same time.

Turbo clean

Many of the ordinary electric shavers do not have this turbo cleaning feature. This is an outstanding feature that will allow you to clean even the smallest parts of hair from your face. You can clean the face and it will shine like a mirror. In fact, the shaver motor rotates at 17,000 RPM when the turbo cleaning mode is turned on. You will be amazed at the fastest cleaning in this mode. The manufacturer has added the feature with the shaver considering some inner factors. Often the users are in a hurry and cannot have a complete shave. So, this mode is of great use for them to get a clean shave within a short time.

Pop-up trimmer

The shaver also comes with a pop-up trimmer. Most of the electric shavers do not have this feature. As a result, the users are able to shave only. They cannot have the shaping of their mustaches. Sometimes, they need to care for the sideburns. When you have cleaned all the face and there are some sideburns, the look gets ugly indeed. The pop-up trimmer is able to remove the sideburns too. This is really of great use to the men who will apply this particular electric shaver. The trimmer will find the sideburns and take care of them properly. You need not apply external razors for this purpose.

Easy to clean

The shaver is very easy to clean. In fact, it does not have any auto cleaning option or any charging unit that will clean the shaver. You will need to spend around less than a minute. The cleaning is too easy and you will be amazed after cleaning each time. When you will move to the next shave, you will see that the sharpness of the blade has increased and you are having a smoother shave. Besides, you will not need any liquid soap or any other cleaning materials to clean the shaver head. You will need some clean water to meet the purpose.

Wet and dry feature

The Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver allows the users to get the dry and wet shave. It points out that the shaver is able to serve in both the ways. You do not need to get any extra shaving leather or gel to wet your face. The dry shaver is able to clean the face smoothly and quickly. At the same time, the wet shave will allow you to shave under the shower or in at any wet conditions. Either way, you are getting beneficial by using this shaver. The shaver is made with great care and thus there are no chances of getting injured in both the modes. You will get a comfortable and close shave.

Top quality materials

The shaver – its body and the blades are made with high-quality materials. So, they are more durable than any other types of shavers available around you. The shaver will last longer than the other ordinary electric shavers and you will have a longer use. Often, the users need to change the parts or accessories of their shavers. But there are no such issues. You might not need to change the shaver head unless one year is gone after the purchase. The manufacturer takes humble pride in this particular shaver as the materials are truly made of high class. raw materials. This solid machine is worth your dollars.

Foil head

The shaver comes with foil head. In fact, the manufacturer of this product is well aware of the bad shaves. Most of the people use electric shavers as they want a quick shave. And to make it quicker, they get the bad shave. They get skin disorders or irritations. The foil head is able to make a clean shave without irritating the skin. There would be no bump or burning on the skin after you complete the shave. Therefore, this would be a great pick for you if you have a sensitive skin and unable to use the rotary shavers.

Travel pouch

The shaver comes with a travel pouch that will allow you to carry the shaver wherever you go. In fact, many of the electric shavers are damaged as they do not have any travel pouch. People carry the shavers in a random manner and ultimately their shavers get damaged. The shavers get damaged in the heads or sometimes the body is damaged seriously that you cannot use the shaver anymore. As a result, you need to get another shaver on the next day. But the shaver will be safe and sound if you use the travel pouch. The pouch ensures complete safety of this particular electric shaver.



  • Price: the price of this product is competitive. The other brands are relatively pricey with fewer features while you will get so many features in a small amount of budget.
  • Well-made: the shaver is made carefully. You will be amazed at the product’s durability and performance.
  • Easy application: the application of the shaver is easier. Even those who have never used an electric shaver would be able to use it comfortably
  • Comfortable shave: the shaving from this electric shaver is highly comfortable. You can get the flexibility to shape the mustache and sideburns at the same time of shaving your beards.
  • Striking design: the design of this shaver is nice and you will fall in love at the first look. The lightweight shaver comes in several colors as well.
  • Less noise: most of the electric shavers create noise while there are no such issues with this product.
  • LCD display: there is an LCD display allows the users to check the battery status and other related issues.
  • Washable: the shaver is washable with water. Most of the electric shavers need specific cleaning materials to clean but you can clean the shaver simply with water only.



  • No charging unit: there is no charging unit with the shaver. So, you have to clean it manually.
  • Weak trimmer: the trimmer is a bit weaker and may fall apart easily.
  • Vibrates: the shaver vibrates while shaving and it might be uncomfortable to some of the users.
  • No case: the shaver has no case to store it. It comes with a pouch only which might be inconvenient for some users.

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Final Verdict

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver is one of the prominent electric shavers of the world. This device is relatively easy to use and you will get an optimum service. The turbo mode will allow you to have a quicker shave which is unavailable in the other shavers. Besides, you can simply clean the shaver using water only. There is no risk of electric shortcuts or any other injuries while using in wet conditions. Besides, the price of the shaver is also competitive and reasonable. You need not worry about the shaver’s performance. In fact, this is a great buy for your dollars.

If you are looking for a great foil shaver, this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver is the right one for you. It comes with the latest technologies and features that are almost rare in the other electric shavers. You would be happy with the shaver indeed for its outstanding performance and durability