Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Me 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The necessities of exercise bikes are undeniable. In fact, we need the exercise bikes for several reasons and they have been serving us for many decades. The exercise bikes are great alternatives for us, according to Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review. Most of the people are unable to get rid of the extra pounds through the conventional ways of losing weight. So, many of the Marcy recumbent exercise bike reviews have recommended this product as an easy alternative. A notable number of brands are available now and serving the users around the world. People mostly prefer the exercise bikes for some specific reasons. And they get a good service from the bikes indeed.

Shedding the extra pounds is really a tough job if you do not have the right types of equipment. Following the Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review, how important the bikes are especially for women who want to lose weight and keep the bodies fit at home is realized. Amid the daily engagements, this is not possible for women to visit the gym regularly or follow the routines. But if they have an exercise bike, they would be able to get the exercise as and when they need. This is a hassle-free way of shedding the unwanted pounds and gaining some solid muscle with a fit body. And you will get everything at your home. So, this is really an important exercising tool for many of the people.

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Considering the benefits, the demands of such products are on the rise and a large number of manufacturers are producing the bikes with diversified features and flexibilities. People get the best one as per their needs and use to get benefitted.

How to get the best exercise bike?

Well, this is an important issue to consider before you get your exercise bike. Actually, amid hundreds of brands and varieties, this is truly a tough task to get the right exercise bike. Not all the bikes are intended to serve everyone. They are made for different types of people and certain conditions. So, you have to understand the category and determine your own needs before you randomly take a decision to get an exercise bike. The best idea is to have some ground works before you move to select a bike. Try to avoid the alluring the advertisements as they may lead you to a troublesome situation.

Some key points narrowed down here will help you to get some ideas about the features of the exercise bike. They would help you get the precisely right thing for your needs. Here they are.

Know the frame

The frame of an exercise bike is one of the most considerable issues that you should know about. Everything of an exercise bike depends on the frame. So, the frame needs to be sturdy. If the frame is strong enough to hold the weight of the user, it will collapse shortly and may also lead to fatal accidents.

At the same time, a strong frame is able to make your exercise enjoyable. The durability of the exercise bike also lies on the frame. When the frame is strong enough and made with durable materials, it can undergo lots of stress and pressure. In fact, when someone will be on the back of the bike, it is the frame which bears the weight.

Besides, when the exercise bike frame is less durable, it causes trouble for the users frequently. You would not get the comfort in using it. It may happen that even you will need to check the screws and other bolts and mechanism in a regular manner to know if the bike is functioning or not.

And you know, this is really horrible to check the exercise bike fitness in every week. You are using the bike to get fit and if you are to check the fitness of the bike, this is truly hilarious. All the troubles will be gone if you have a strong bike frame. Therefore, make sure you are checking the frame before you take the decision to get a bike for your home.

Your behavior

You are going to have a bike for your daily needs. So, this is highly important to determine your needs. If you are going to use the exercise bike once a week, you do not need a bike that is manufactured for a heavy performance. But if you use the bike frequently, you will certainly need a bike that will do its best.

Actually, the manufacturers are unaware of the using pattern of the users. They do not know how long the bikes would be used or how many times would be used. As a result, they work on some assumptions and accordingly make the exercise bikes. The numbers of bikes are wide so that the users could take anyone from the selections.

But you know the best about the user behavior of the bike. You know better how long you intend to use the bike or how many days you will use it in a week. Accordingly, you can decide which types of bike you should get. The ones which come with a heavy-duty performance are able to last longer. And even if you ride on the bike for an entire day, there would be no problems. At the same time, you also have some other options for you. If you want to use it once or twice in a week or month, you can have the one which is made for such use.

Comfortable seat

This is another important aspect of an exercise bike. If the seat is not comfortable, you would be unable to have your exercises. In fact, you are to sit on the seat for a long time. And by this time, if you have trouble with seating or feel any uncomfortable feeling in your backside, it would not be possible for you to stay there for a long time. It will result in the decrease of your exercise duration. Actually, this is not possible for everyone to stay in an uncomfortable seat for a long time to have exercises. So, this is important to check the seat conditions.

Make sure the seat is not extra large or smaller than your own size. Before you grab the exercise bike, check the seat. If you feel comfortable after sitting on the seat, then it is okay. But if you are not satisfied with the seating option, you need to change the bike or the seat (if there is an option available).

In fact, you have to spend lots of time on the seat while you exercise. But if you are not comfortable with the seating capacity, you cannot have your exercise for the desired amount of time. Ensure the seat of the bike comes with an adjustable function so that you can adjust the seat according to your needs.

Durable pedals

You are set to use the pedals to have the exercise. But if the pedals are not up to the mark, you cannot have the exercise from the bike. So, this is a must that you should check the pedals before you decide on an exercise bike to get that. In reality, the pedals are made with durable materials and there are fewer chances of failing. But you need to ensure that the pedal fits you and your leg. If the pedal does not fit you, you cannot have the exercise. You need to check the pedals in different ways if it suits you or not.

Sometimes, the pedals are made with so many durable materials that you cannot use them comfortably. But this would be a wrong decision if you get one of such bikes that have such a very strong pedal. If you cannot use the pedal, there is no use for it. The pedal should be up to the standard and allow you to pedal according to your needs. Make sure it does not happen that you are feeling tired while pedaling the bike. In that case, you will not get the exercise rather you would be too tired and will need frequent breaks. But this would not be wise to take continuous breaks amid your exercise.

Hence, you would need to check the pedals so that you can use them perfectly and get the exercise done.


Most of the exercise bikes come with a built-in-computer. The computer helps to share much important information. In fact, the computer is attached with the bikes so that the users could come to know about the necessary information like how much calories they burnt or how long they have been using the bike and how long they will need to use it and much such similar information like your heart rate or so. This is a great benefit of the exercise bikes that the users do not need to count everything. They can know the issues automatically. And for this, they do not need to spend some extra dollars. They can have it by default with their exercise bike.

But not all the exercise bikes are available with this feature. Some of them do not have the computer at all. They are unable to provide you with the right information. You might need to collect them manually. Or if you are unwilling to collect them, you can simply use your mobile phone’s stopwatch. But this is not a good way to collect information and other necessary data. You cannot get the data on your mobile phone or even you cannot have it manually. A computer is the best way that will automatically synchronize the data and serve you whenever you want.

Therefore, this is your duty to ensure that you are getting an exercise bike that will have a built-in-computer. If you find no such computers with the bike, it would be imperative not to get that. Besides, you also need to know if there are any options to attach any separate monitor to know the data for your needs. In fact, you need to ensure that there should be at least a single option to know the exercise-related information while you use the bike at your home.


Some of the bikes have an option to add some accessories for the benefits of the users. They allow the users to use a fan to get air during the exercise. Sometimes, the exercise bikes come with an option to listen to music while the exercise is on. Besides, many of the bikes have a built-in sound system that will allow the users to listen to some of their favorite tracks. These all have been available for the accessories attached with the exercise bikes. But if you do not have the option of attaching accessory or if the bikes do not come with the option at all, this would be the best idea to give up getting that particular bike.

Rather, you need to know about the exact information about the bike. You need to ensure the bike has the accessories. And if there is no accessory, you should have the chance of adding them based on your needs. In fact, in the present situations, the accessories are a must for everyone who takes part in the exercises at home. The accessories are able to help them focus on the exercise. When you will listen to the music tracks, you will not feel any labor. But at the same time, you are having your exercise. You are shedding your pounds. And with the tricky way, you can engage your mind to some other aspects.

Ensure the exercise bike you are planning to have comes with some other additional accessory like bottle holder, magazine stand or remote control cups. All these are highly necessary during the exercise. If you really want to focus on your exercise using the bike, they would be of great help to you. Hence, most of the people look for the exercise bikes which come with the accessories or at least have options to use the accessories during their exercise.

Weight limit

Weight limit is the other important issue that you should consider before you get an exercise bike. In fact, the weight is not the same for everyone. It varies and will not be the same even in the upcoming days. Hence, you have to be careful about the weight limit of the bike. If you are overweight than the bike, it would be impossible for the bike to bear your load for a longer time. This is not possible to expect a durable performance from the bike if you are heavier than the capacity of the bike to handle the weight.

Therefore, it would be imperative if you check the weight limit and crosscheck your weight. The bike should be able to take at least twice of your weight if you want to have a durable performance. Generally, the exercise bike manufacturers produce the bikes to handle a moderate weight. But sometimes, there are some untoward events. When an overweight individual wants to shed off the pounds and ride on such a bike, there are chances of accidents. And that may even lead to fatal injuries as well. Considering all the aspects, you have to select the right type of bike that will bear your weight easily. Make sure you read through the bike capacity and get the one that suits you most.

Noise is an issue

Often the users have complaints that they suffer from noise while using the bike. In fact, the noise is created for many reasons. But some of the bikes are noise resistant. They do not make the slightest noise while they are being operated. Besides, sometimes the noise is created for the air resistance as well. When you pedal the bike stronger, it may create the noise. But some other bikes are also available which do not create any noise at all. It happens as those are made with some strict materials and allows air passing. Considering all the aspects, it would be a good idea to select the exercise bike which creates less or no noise.

To know about the situation if the bike creates noise or not, you may read the reviews or ask about the issue to the manufacturer. If you get a satisfactory answer, you can have the bike or if the answers are not satisfactory, you need to change your decision.

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Why is Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 the best?

Marcy is one of the most impressive exercise bike manufacturers in the present world. According to a Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review, this is one of the improved exercise bikes that comes with several features for the users. The bike is also available at a reasonable price. In fact, if you want to have a great exercise at your home, this would be the best piece ever made. Here are some of the key features of this exercise bike are pointed out for a better understanding of the readers.


The design of this exercise bike is attractive. In fact, the design is made for a heavy duty application. No matter what your purposes are, you can use the bike for your ordinary use. If you want to use the bike a couple of times in a day, you can do that easily. At the same time, you can use them once or twice in a week too. There would be no difference. The manufacturer is well aware of the bike using behavior of the users. Actually, before going for massive productions, the manufacturer has analyzed the entire aspects of the exercise bike. As a result, it has become able to produce some of the best exercise bikes in the world.

For the outstanding design, you can also mount the bike at any place you want. The design is able to make the bike fit in the places at your home. Besides, you can carry the bike to other places too. This is also easier to carry this exercise bike from one place to another which is highly recommended by the Marcy recumbent exercise bike reviews.

Magnetic resistance

The bike also comes with magnetic resistance and there are around eight levels of resistance. As a result, you riding will be different than riding the other types of exercise bikes. In fact, the resistance levels allow the users to ride on the bike comfortably. You do not need to worry about the tensions of the bike, the screws are well engaged and also you can customize them based on your needs. The difficulty to ride on the bike is made easier with the resistance mechanisms. This is one of the key reasons for the people around the world in selecting the bike for their daily needs.

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The LCD screen

Besides, this particular exercise bike comes with an LCD computer screen. The screen is able to show some specific information regarding the bike use. You can know about the important information like how much calories did you burn or how long have you been using the device. This is a great way indeed to know while you are using the bike. When all the information will be available to a single panel, it would be easier for you to know them at a glance. You do not need to check several other monitors or devices to know about them which is really a wastage of time.

Following a Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review, being an LCD screen, this is easier for the users to read the information. The well-illuminated monitor screen will show you all the necessary information related to your exercise. At the same time, you would be able to know about your physical condition – what is your current heart rate, or how long you have to use the bike for that time. Considering all the things together, this is a great piece of exercising device for users around the world.

Comfortable seat

Many of the users are worried about the seating options on the bike. The product from this manufacturer removes all the worries. It comes with a comfortable padded seat. As a result, when the users will sit on the seat, they will feel comfortable. Some of the seats are made with rubber or plastic materials which do not provide comfort. But when you will sit on this padded seat, there would be no such issues. You can sit there as long as you want. The seat design has been made carefully. High-density foam is there to help you adjust on the exercise bike seat.

Balanced pedals

The pedals of this bike are made with care so that the users could have the right balance. As a user, you will get the maximum balance. At the same time, you can use the pedal as fast as you want. The manufacturer has taken the right care of it. Besides, the adjustable foot straps are another advantage for the users. No matter what is your feet size, you can adjust them with the straps during the exercise. The Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review is highly pleased with such feature. So, it would not be a problem for them to have a longer hour of exercise. But the other ordinary exercise bikes do not have the feature which is really uncomfortable and undesired at all.

Perfect for home

According to Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review, this is a perfect exercise bike for home. The shape and design of the products are made with great care so that it fits even at a smaller space. Besides, you will also get some special other benefits like this bike is scratch resistant. If you have kids at home, they will be unable to place scratches on the bike. You can add this device at your home gym as this is friendly to the environment. You can have your full body workout at home whenever you want. The seat is designed in a special manner so that you can sit comfortably.

The most impressive benefit of the device is that you can shed the extra pounds as and when you want. Further, the other features are assembled in an easy manner so that the users could get the maximum benefit from using the bike at their home. The manufacturer has added the professional features smoothly that you will really be glad while using it. Besides, due to its easy mobility, you can place it anywhere in the home you want. So, this is truly a great piece of exercising tool that will help you shape your muscles.

Fits everyone

No matter if you are an expert with an exercise bike or have no experience at all, this Marcy bike will have no impact on you. As a beginner, you could be able to use the bike like an expert. But if you are an expert, there would be no issues at all to operate the bike. In fact, the manufacturer has paid maximum attention to make the operation process easier for the users. As a result, the exercise bike is now up to the mark and able to handle all sorts of users. Anyone can customize the device and the customization process is easier indeed.



Adjustable seat: the seat of this exercise bike is adjustable while the other bikes come with a fixed seat. So, the users could be able to adjust the seat based on their heights, weights, and preferences.

Anti-slippery pedals: the pedals of this bike are anti-slippery. You can have a strong grip of your feet while riding it.

Lightweight: the bike is lighter in terms of weight. Many of the ordinary exercise bikes are heavier in weight and thus mobility is a problem for them. But there are such no issues with this bike at all for its lightweight.

Two-year warranty: the Marcy me 709 comes with a two-year warranty. But the warranty is subject to some conditions.

Easy to use: the exercise bike comes with an easy to use the feature. As a result, anyone can use it if they do not have prior experience of using the bike.

LCD screen: the LCD screen attached with the device is able to track different types of data for the users. They would be able to know instantly how much calories they have burnt or what is the current heart rate.

Easy installation: the bike is too easy to install. Just unpack it and follow the instructions, the bike will be ready to use within half an hour.



For single users: the bile performs well for the single users. If a couple of users wants to ride on the bike, adjustment problems appear.

Weak tensions: the tensions used in the bike may break easily. This is a concern for many of the users.

Poor wielding: the wielding of the exercise bike is poor. They may fall apart if extra pressures are created.

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Last words

Marcy me 709 is a great piece for home use. The users would be able to shed their extra pounds if they use the exercise bike regularly. In fact, this is a great device for young mothers at home. According to a Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review, the bike is able to bring a physical change if used regularly. The Marcy recumbent exercise bike reviews recommend this device as it creates low noise and at the same time, you can ride on it as long as you want. Besides, this particular exercise bike is reasonable in terms of price and comes with a two-year warranty. Hence, this would a great exercising bike for people who want to get the workout at their home.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 is a great machine that is armed with special features for the home users. Following Marcy Me 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review, this lightweight small device is able to shape-up your figure within a short time. The Marcy recumbent exercise bike reviews recommend it for its mobility.