Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone

Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

Best Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone

Wondering why the demand for the best drones under 100 is on the rise? There are hundreds of reasons for this increasing demand. In fact, drone use is a great way of passing time with family and friends. People all over the world now use drones. They use the products for numerous reasons. Some of the people use the drones for their academic purposes while some others get entertained through the drones. The applications are not the same for all the people and similarly not all the drones are able to perform all the tasks together. They are able to perform some certain tasks that other people would not have done before using such toys.

Moreover, the drones come with certain size shape and color. There are hundreds of varieties that make these tiny flying objects adorable to everyone. The applications of drones have turned impossible things to possible. Earlier, aerial photography was a matter of imagination and it also was an expensive matter. But after the application of drones in the photography, the photographers are now able to get some wonderful shots. At the same time, when you need to make some aerial survey, there is no alternative to drones. You can do that easily by sending drones in the required areas.  The other most important aspect of drones is their capacity to fly at a notable time.

All the matters have made drones as one of the most preferable objects. This review narrows down some of the aspects that will help the readers and potential drone buyers to get the right product for them.

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Features of the best drones

Well, this is a very interesting issue. In fact, if you have the prior ideas about the drone features, you would be able to get the best product for you. And if you are illiterate in drone issues, you will not get the right thing. Rather, you will have some of the worst experiences. So, here are some of the key features that a drone can have. It will make your buying simpler.


This is the most important issue to know about. The drone flight is a risky job if you do not have the proper safety measures or if you are unable to know about the safety issues like what to do or how to do in cases of accidents. The usual safety hazards are getting injured while flying or damaging the drone during the flight. This happens with almost all of the beginners. But the experts also sometimes have to face the similar issues. Therefore, a precautionary measure is required for the drone flight. When you are all set to fly the drone, you need to follow some rules.

When the drone motor is on, it is better not to touch the rotors. The rotors might injure you seriously. Therefore, keep a distance with the drone that time. This is a special feature that the drones immediately start after pressing the On button. So, this would be appreciated if you know this feature and accordingly take measure to prevent the damages. The drones fly too fast and that can also cause some damages. Hence, it would be wise if you maintain a safe distance with the drones. In fact, this is not necessary to describe the issues but the beginners might be too curious and may fall victim to the hazards.


The durability of the drone mostly depends on their use. Actually, there are various types of drone users are available and they love to use the drones in different manners. As a result, this would be foolish to expect that all the drones will be durable as the same. The drones which are made for the beginners may last for few moments longer than those are made for the experts. However, the average duration of the drones is around eight to nine minutes. You can get some extension if you shut some features during the flight time.

Sometimes, the beginners are happy with the flight durations while the experts own an opposite view. They cannot be satisfied as they have crossed the beginners’ level. The thing which appears the best, in the beginning, might become ordinary once you are habituated with this. The same theory is applicable for the expert drone users. They have spent plenty of time with the drones, they know each and every detail of the drones. So, the durability is unable to make them feel thrilled. But this cannot be denied that the average duration of a drone does not change in this case. You will get the same flight duration for your products regardless of your flying level.

High Speed

High speed is the other feature of the drones. They are able to fly at a great speed than you can imagine. The faster speed is one of the key reasons why people prefer drones for their ordinary tasks. Besides, the drone races are also great to enjoy. It is only the faster speed that has enabled the drones to take part in the races. In fact, if there were no such speed, the drones would not have been so popular among the users around the world. They love the drones to see them flying at a great speed. Besides, the speed is also able to make you wonder how the tiny toys are dominating the sky.

But, not all the drones have the same speed. The speeds are not the same for all the pieces and vary based on the drone quality and category. If you have the racing drones, the speed level will be different. And if you own the drones that are manufactured for the beginners, the speed will be relatively lower. Besides, there are some other drones available which can balance the speeds. It points that you can have different types of speeds together in the same drone. And they are the perfect one for all types of users. The drones used for military or industrial purposes have some special types of speeds. So, it appears that speed is one of the impressive features that make the drones adorable.


The drones in the present days are portable. This has removed the sufferings of the drone users. The initial drones were a bit larger in size and shape and thus they were tough to carry in places. For instance, if you had to join a race, you would become late to reach the venue by carrying your drone. Besides, if you had to take the drone with you to show your friends, you could not have done that properly. In fact, carrying the large drone is really tough. But with the passage of time, the drone manufacturers have brought some revolutions in drone making.

They are now able to make different sizes of drone. Even, there are some drones which will fit in your palm. You can easily carry drones in your pocket or in a bag. Now you do not need to carry a large carrier for the drone to transport. This is really a simple task now. Thanks to the modern technology. The chips, hardware, and software used in the drones are sophisticated and can perform better than the other types of toys. The batteries are smaller and also the drones have other smaller parts. Consequently, drone flying is a great fun now.

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Exceptional Photos

Ordinarily, the photographers may click some masterpieces. They are able to take photos in various angles. After editing the photos, they become wonderful. But with the drone, you will have something more. The drones are able to take some outstanding photos. And most importantly, the photos are aerial photos. It points that the drones are able to take photos from a high altitude. As a result, the photos get a different dimension. You will be amazed at the photos. The usual photographers are unable to take such nice photos indeed as they are unable to climb in the high altitude.

The quality of photos and videos are really outstanding. Though there are some drones which come with poor resolution cameras there are some other drones which have striking HD cameras. The cameras installed with the drones are able to click some mesmerizing views. Since the drones are able to stay at the same altitude, there are no noises in the photos. If the resolution is higher, you can even detect your face from that high altitude. For the outstanding advantage, aerial photography and video are getting more popular in the present days.


If the drones had been of no use, they would not have been applied in so many sectors. The presence of drones is available in almost all the aspects of professional life. If you are an engineer, you can use the drone for your construction sites. The drones will provide you necessary data and photos that you can use for your necessary jobs. Besides, the drones are also able to play the role of carriers. They can carry different small things from one place to another. But they are not available in everywhere; they are able to perform such roles. The drones are also able to transport messages in places where people cannot go.

All the issues have made the drone reliable. The small quadcopters are playing important roles for people around the world. And thus they have gained a sense of reliability among the people. People around the world now rely on drones even to meet their daily needs, and the perspective of entertainment is also praiseworthy.

Easy Operation

At present, the drones can be operated in different ways. Earlier, the drones had only a single operating system – transmitter (also known as the remote control). But it had some demerits. The users need batteries in regular interval and sometimes, the controllers jammed. So, when they went to fly the drones, it would become a headache for them. They could not get the right pleasure with the drone flight. Besides, the drones did not follow the commands all the times which also caused trouble for the users. And it mostly happened for the transmitting errors.

But the modern drone manufacturers have brought some changes in the operation of the drones. The users are now able to fly drones in several ways – using the transmitter and by applying the Smartphone app. The app is easy to install and provides a great satisfaction to the users. The apps are more popular among the young people while the elderly people are of the view that the transmitter provides them the best pleasure. Whatever the concepts are, the drone flying is easier now than ever before.

Attractive Designs

The drones are available in attractive designs. Almost all the manufacturers have made the drones with some special designs that will make you feel thrilled. Often the drones are shaped like resembling some objects or stuff. They are adorned with a lighting system and special types of equipment like GPS sensor, extra batteries, powerful and durable motor etc. for better performance. In fact, in line with the grandeur outlook, the drones are also able to provide some best service to the users. As a result, the demands are on the rise.

Regarding the designs of the drones, the manufacturers follow some specific methods. They try to make the designs simply attractive. The designs are always up to the mark and if there are no competitive designs, the drone manufacturers are unable to stay in the market. People usually love to have newer things or at least the old wines in a new bottle. So, if you are unable to provide the desired thing to the users, they surely will reject your brand. Accordingly, the drone manufacturers are careful about the design. They invest a notable amount for the design so that it could be attractive and raise the users’ interest.

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This is another impressive feature of the drones. You can get the drone based on your needs. As a matter of fact, the drones are available at a different price as the manufacturers want to make the drones available to everyone. Certainly, you will not get the top quality product at a cheaper price, but you will get a drone that will help you to learn drone flying. The cheaper drones come with some basic functions. Often they do not have a camera. They are better to learn the drone flying. And you also will get chances to have some pricey drones.

They come with some more features. The drones which are pricy are able to take some acrobatic moves in the sky. Besides, their flight times are also a bit more than the ordinary drones as they have stronger batteries. But those are not suitable for all types of users. When the user is in the beginner level, a basic drone with a cheaper price would be able to serve the purposes. If you need to participate in a drone race, you will have the chance to get a racing drone, which is a bit more pricey.

Flight Time

To be honest, the drone flight time varies. There is a number of reasons behind the variation of the drone flight times. When a drone performs better, it consumes the charge more than the other drones. So, the flight time will be reduced. Again, when a drone is made with some basic flight features, it will last a bit longer. The batteries will consume less power as it does not have to perform more. It can reserve the battery power which increases the flight time. But the commercial drones have more flight time as they use some special types of batteries which are unavailable in the market or not used for the toy drones.

Usually, a drone is able to fly maximum eight minutes – which are for public use. This is the average flight time for the drones. There are some drones which can fly relatively a reduced amount of time – five or six minutes. The more the functions, the more the flight time reduction. This is the universal truth for the drone. And most of the drone users are aware of the issues.

Besides, the charging time may also vary in this case. Usually, a drone takes 620 – 120 minutes for a complete charge. The duration may increase or decrease among the other drones based on their brands and functions. You do not need to worry if your drone takes more or fewer times to get completely charged.

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Features of Holy Stone F181C RC

Durable design

There is nothing special in this particular quadcopter and this is the key feature that has made it different than others. The design of this drone is simple but gorgeous. Many of the drone users might fall in love instantly after having a look at the drone. This is one of the most beautiful drones ever made and has the latest features. Initially, it may appear that you are getting a simple and cheaper toy for your baby. But the performance of the drone is adorable indeed. Once you start flying the drone, you will not feel that this is merely a toy.

Bright LED lights

The majority of the drones of this age come with LED lights. This drone is not an exception. The lights are installed in several parts of the drone body. As a result, the drone gets a pretty awesome look. You also will be able to fly the drones at night times. In fact, the LED lights will help to guide the users to drive during the night. When there is light with the drone, the users are able to navigate easily with the help of the LED. The usual drones do not have such feature and thus unable to fly at night.

Flight Time

The drone has some additional flight time. Usually, the drones are able to fly for about six to eight minutes. But this particular drone flies for exactly eight minutes after having a complete charge. This is a technical issue and there is nothing could be done to solve the problem. The only way to increase the charging time is the addition of some extra batteries. In that case, the drone weight will be increased and it would be unable to fly higher. Therefore, you are to adjust to the flight time provided by the drone. Luckily, you are getting a couple of minutes more with this drone which you will not get with the others.


The manufacturer is highly careful about the drone range. Usually, the drones have a range of 30 – 50 meters. The case is an exception for the industrial or commercial drones. They have a wide range which you will not get at all. But with this particular drone, you can get a range of around 100 meters. The ordinary drones will not provide you with this range. You can literally fly high your drone and can enjoy the flights. Photography is also made easier with this piece. In fact, aerial photos are taken the best with this drone for its high altitude.

Headless Mode

Headless mode is the way that helps the users to determine the side the drone is facing. The navigation becomes tougher with the higher altitude. As the drones are smaller in size and shape, you cannot determine the way the drone is heading. So, when the headless mode is attached with the drone, it always faces at the users’ direction. It helps the users to navigate the drones easily. The manufacturer has added the headless mode with the drone for the advantage of the users. Therefore, there are no issues of losing the direction whenever you fly the drone.


This is another adorable feature of this drone. The drone comes with a 2MP camera. The camera is enabled to get some clearer pictures. Besides, the video recording is also remarkable with the camera. Though this is not a perfect one for professional photography or video capture, you can rely on the camera for your ordinary purposes. Accordingly, you can get some awesome photos and videos. When the drone is at a high altitude, there are no chances of shaking or noise in the photos as the drone is able to stand with the wind. You can have great fun with the camera. Moreover, you are able to store the photos and videos on an SD card which comes with the drone package.



  • Joystick controller: the controller is able to increase your fun. You can easily move the drone into different directions.
  • Display: the controller comes with a display that shows you the initial details of the battery, signal etc.
  • Flight modes: there are several flight modes attached with the drone that helps every type of users to fly it smoothly.
  • Indoor and outdoor flights: due to the smaller size, the drone is able to take-off in both the indoor and outdoor spaces. You really will enjoy the flights.
  • Price range: the price of this drone is comparative and it provides many features than its price.
  • Landing gear: you can attach or deduct the landing gear. If you are at home, you can attach it or if you are in outside, you may remove it for better performance.
  • Durable material: though the drone is made with plastic, this more durable than the other usual drones. It will not break easily even after crashes.
  • Perfect gift: this would be a nice gift for different occasions. You can present it while the receiver will be highly glad to see it after unpacking.
  • 80 -min charging: while the other drones take over 100 minutes to get fully charged, this particular drone has a reduced charging time. It takes only 80 minutes.



  • No FPV: the drone lacks First Person Viewing (FPV) feature. Some might find it troublesome.
  • Gets heated: this particular product gets heated after the flight. So, you need to give it a break after every flight.
  • Fragile controller: the controller is a bit weak and pushing it hard may result in a damage of the joystick.

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Final Verdict

Considering all the aspects, this drone is a great one for all level of users. Comparing the price range, the drone provides a good number of features which are not available for the other drones in the market. It contains all the necessary features and qualities that a drone user needs to fly the drone smoothly in different environments and spaces. The drone size is another impressive issue that really needs some appreciation. The drone does not get damaged easily even after a crash. But if it gets any external pressure, that would be a different thing.

Therefore, this would be a great buy for you.

The F181 is one of the best drones under 100 and best suited for those who want to learn drone flying. Despite the lower price, the drone offers some spectacular and advanced features to the users and able to blow their minds with its breathtaking performance with a remarkable 100-meter range.