Evenflo Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Spectrum 2-In-1 Booster Car Seat, Teal Trace

Evenflo Spectrum 2-In-1 Booster Car Seat

Convertible car seats are a must when it comes to children’s safety. For family usage, we understand that safety comes first. We have evaluated various convertible car seats based on the safety, precautionary measures, crash testing and superior quality features. One of our top picked convertible car seat is Evenflo Spectrum 2 in 1 booster. The name is as versatile as it sounds.

With convertible car seats, you have the liberty to make it front facing or rear. But knowing the right usage is necessary and how to install them properly to your car in order to avoid injury. You need to make sure that the protocols are followed and safety measures are properly ensured. Let’s check into the detailed specifications and whether you should choose this product or not.

If you have a young child, having a convertible car seat makes the journey simple and easy for both you and your child. Read the article and know why Evenflo Spectrum 2 in 1 Booster convertible car seat is a great choice for your family.

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Evenflo Spectrum Car Seat overview

This convertible seat is called a 2 in 1 product is due to its dual functionality. You can use Evenflo Spectrum 2-in-1 seat as a high back booster seat and as a no back booster. Before jumping to the features, a brief overview of the product is given below which usually consumers prefer to know first.

The Design

Children love to see colors and unique things. To you the most important thing might be the superior quality features of the convertible car seat that is suitable for your child. But for the children, the design matters! If they find the convertible seats as good looking and something fancy, it would be easier for you to convince them to seat there. If they like the design, they will actually enjoy the ride a lot more. The product comes in a lot of colors that children prefer. The modern design of the convertible will surely take your child’s attention towards it. If you love to decorate your car interior or you are very specific about it, this convertible car seat will be an added bonus for you. The modern design is suitable for both cars and minivan. The mix of sleek and bold structure of the seat is something that you and your child both would love to have.

Crash testing

There are various government protocols when you are creating a product for children usage. One of the main criteria for convertible car seats is to perform crash testing for the product and provide a rating to the crash testing. Evenflo spectrum booster seats followed the protocol and got successful ratings in the crash testing. Other than ensuring maximum child protection, the product also passed the government test of comprehensive side impact and industry Rollover test standards.

Key features

We have identified a list of key features of the product for you. Some of the features are generic for the convertible car seat whereas some are the unique features of solely this product.

The brand

The product belongs to the brand Evenflo. When you are planning to buy a children product, it is essential that you are well aware of the brand image and their historical standards. If they are experienced in the line of baby products, that is a good sign for you to prefer that brand. Evenflo has been in the market for the past 100 years and have been researching on products that ensure the maximum comfort and safety of the child. As far as the brand is concerned, rest assured that the makers of the product are doing the job in right way.

Foam liner

The product comes with an energy absorbing foam liner. Children might get cranky and irritated while you are driving if they are not comfortable in their seats. Given that families spend a moderate amount of time in cars travelling to grocery shops, malls, school etc. comfort is a top most criterion for the convertible car seats. This foam liner is there as an added feature to ensure that the child is comfortable in his or her seat.

Dual functionality

The reason we call this a 2 in 1 product is due to the presence of interchangeable seats. You can use Evenflo Spectrum 2-in-1 seat as a high back booster seat. The high back booster seat is essential for head resting and it will also protect your child’s head from the side to avoid most kinds of injury. There’s more to that than just the high back booster seat. You can even convert this product into a no back booster seat for children weighing 40-110 pounds and within the height range of 44-57 inches. Backless boosters actually are quite efficient in positioning the child’s hip on the lap belt.

Adjusted headrests

The product comes with nine headrest adjustments. That is the best possible feature for any convertible car seats. This feature is required for prevention of head injuries and also to ensure comfort for the child. If the head is not adjusted well over the seat, this can result in back pain, headache and other diseases due to the discomfort. Hence, the product comes with nine headrest arrangements based on the children’s height and weight. This is a feature that you shouldn’t compromise with. Before buying the convertible car seats, make sure you look into the head resting arrangements of the product.

Dual cup holders

There is a good reason why we call this convertible car seat ideal for family usage. The product comes with two cup holders. Therefore, you can easily place your protein shakes or nutritional smoothies for your child on the cup holders without having to worry about spilling them. The two cup holders are firmly adjusted and will not jeopardize with your children’s safety in any way.

Snack trays

Kids love to snack while travelling. When you are in for a long journey, eating in between is quite common and a necessity for your children’s good health. Keeping that in mind, Evenflo 2-in-1 booster seats come with a snack tray. The product comes with two snack trays for you to keep the child’s munchies and other necessary food products. The good part is the snack trays can be stowed away when you are not using them.

Detailed specifications

Now for the specifications part, here are few things that we found commendable about the product. Other than our perspective, while you are buying the product make sure you evaluate these seven factors that we will be discussing about. Although you can prioritize the features based on your needs but keeping these factors in consideration is important for your purchase decision.

Safety measures

Yes, we understand the first and foremost criteria for the convertible seats’ specifications are the safety measures taken by the product. The safety measures can be understood from two things. The government and expert ratings on crash testing and safety control tests and the available features of the product that facilitates the child’s safety.

The product is tested and passed in comprehensive side impact test. In terms of federal guidelines, the crash test ratings are quite well. Other than that, Evenflo convertible car seats are an industry leader with Rollover test standards. In terms of feature, the product has foam line, nine adjustable head resting styles and guard advanced compression technology to ensure the maximum protection of your child in every possible way.

The guard advanced compression technology actually ensures that your child is safe from injury during side impacts. This is one of the most distinctive specifications of the product and makes it worth buying.

Installation convenience

When you are planning on installation of the convertible car seats, you need to well aware of the right positioning and adjustment. You need to careful about this because installing in the wrong way or keeping lose ends might jeopardize with your child’s safety. By convenience we mean how easily, you can install the product without facing any difficulty.

For this particular product, the difficulty of installation is of moderate category. Since it comes with food trays, cup holders, adjustable head resting settings, the installation might take a moderate amount of time. Although we feel even if you have to put in more time and effort for the installation, the hard work is worth it if it ensures child protection. The difficult features are there so that the child stays safe and secure on the seat.


Comfort is necessary to keep your child happy throughout the journey. Besides, discomfort can lead to back-pain or other issues for the child. Evenflo convertible car seats take extra care for children’s comfort. The foam liner adds to the comfort of the child. The child can rest his or her head through the various adjustable head resting settings. The child can easily eat while traveling with the food trays available. The trays can easily be stowed away keeping enough space for the children to move.

Based on the type of travelling you are doing, you can choose to keep high back booster or no back booster. In this way, the child stays comfortable to his surroundings. The advanced guard impact technology actually saves your child from side impacts. Due to the lower risk of injury of your child, you will be more relaxed and comfortable with your journey as well. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Evenflo convertible car seats ensures parental comfort along with children’s comfort.


In terms of versatility, this product tops our list. We would have rated it as 10 out of 10 when it comes to versatility. With convertible car seats, you have very little scope to come up with diversified options. But this product particularly managed to surprise us with its versatility. It comes with both the features of high back booster seat and no back booster seat. That is, you have the liberty to change it based on your child’s preference and height, weight etc.

The product is named as 2 in 1 product but we feel that it’s much more than that. That is because the product provides versatility in terms of other features as well. For carrying baby food and your child’s convenience you are getting two tray stands and two cup holders. To ensure that your child’s is rested properly, you can nine adjustable settings for head rest. The versatility is great compared to other convertible seats available.


As a working parent or homemaker, busy is a common buzz word. After your daily tasks or work, parents like to provide maximum time to their children. If your cleaning takes more time, that can be a drawback for the purchase decision. Also, you cannot compromise with the cleaning as dust might impact your children’s health. Therefore, cleaning the convertible seats is import. For this particular product, cleaning is quite easy and convenient if you ask us.

The canopies and pads of the seat are machine washable. This means that you don’t have to put in much effort at cleaning the product. You can simply put them in the washing machine and spend time with your children. The washing will not take much of your time as these are easily machine washable.

Available color options

Colors attract the children more. It’s difficult to deal with children if they do not like a certain product let alone make them use it. The same thing is true for convertible car seats. If your child does not like the color or design of the product, he or she will be reluctant to use it. Evenflo convertible car seat kept that perspective in mind as well. Hence their car seats come in a wide variety of color spectrum.

The available color options for the product are fuchsia, bubbly blue, teal trace, foggy, poppy pink, sea scape and varsity blue. Our personal favorite here is the teal trace color due to its adaptability feature. The color suits well with all car interiors. Be it a car or minivan, teal trace color tops the list in adjusting with surroundings.

Ease of use

Ease of use is mostly from the parental perspective. If the installation, maintenance and cleaning of the product is easy, that is something all the parents prefer. Based on three factors, we would say that the ease of use is of medium range. For the installation part, the process can be bit tricky and you need to be careful about that. In terms of maintenance, the matter is quite subjective. This mostly depends on how your child is dealing with the convertible car seats. As far as the cleaning is concerned, that is quite easy as it doesn’t take much of your time and the removal parts are machine washable.

Hence we rated the ease of use in the medium category. While the maintenance and cleaning might be an easy thing to do, installation of the seat needs special attention.

The Price

When it comes to a child safety product, we know that price does not matter all the time. Your child’s safety is of utmost priority. You are always willing to pay extra if that ensures your child will be safe and free from injury with the product usage. Still it’s always better to know the price to plan your budget and also to skim through the alternative options. The actual price of the product is $59.99 at amazon but there are discounts available for the product based on the season and availability. We feel this is actually a small price to pay to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe while travelling in a car with you. Therefore, even if you don’t get the discounts, you should buy the product if you feel your child needs it.

Advantages of using the product

As a parent, this product will give you advantage in various fields. Even if you were not planning to buy a convertible car seat for your young children, you might reconsider the decision knowing the advantages Evenflo 2 in 1 booster car seat.

Low risk of injury

The product is built in such a way that ensures minimum probability of injuries. The product will help you child rest the head properly on the seat and will protect it from getting injured front, side and back ways.

Maximum comfort while travelling

The 9 adjustable head rest features make it a comfortable deal for your child. With the presence of line foam as the building material, your child can comfortably sit in the wide hip zone provided.

Parental peace of mind

When you know that your child is safe and comfortable while travelling with you, you can also peacefully drive and enjoy your journey.

Flipsides of the product

If you have alternative choices for convertible car seats, you can go for a list of pros and cons to finalize the decision on which product you should buy.



  • Can be converted from high back booster seat to no back booster seat
  • Presence of Guard advanced technology
  • Comes with two cup holders and food trays
  • Presence of foam linings
  • Machine washable canopies and pads
  • Meets industry rollover test standards
  • Passed in comprehensive side impact tests
  • Has 9 adjustable head rest settings



  • Installation takes time
  • Careful handling needs to be done with food trays

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Final verdict

Parents who have young child and who tend to travel a lot, this particular convertible car seat is essential for them. It will ensure child’s safety and comfort while travelling. If your child is safe and comfortable, you can also focus on driving or enjoying your journey.