Eachine E58 Wifi FPV Quadcopter

Drone With Camera Live Video, EACHINE E58 WIFI FPV Quadcopter With 120° Wide-angle 720P HD Camera Foldable Drone RTF - Altitude Hold, One Key Take Off/Landing, 3D Flip, APP Control, Gravity sensor

Eachine E58 Wifi FPV Quadcopter

Drones are now occupying the world for their outstanding benefits. They are available in different size, shape, and color. But the best drones under 100 are the most preferred one among the people for their outstanding features and facilities. In fact, the markets of drones have expanded across the world in the recent years only for the cheaper drones. Usually, people do not have the capacity to get a pricy drone. Besides, those are not available everywhere as well. They also need some special types of permission for flying. Hence, the drone users are favoring the best drones under 100 to meet their flying needs.

Have you ever thought why people love drones these days? The answer is simple. The drones have a magic. They are filled with excitement. When you see the little boy is flying around you, you will feel a sense of joy inside your mind. The joy cannot be bought in exchange for money. Moreover, the majority of the people around the world love to fly a drone with their family members. So, this is a great fun indeed when all the family members are flying the drones together. The bondage among the family members also increased when they try to beat each other in the drone flying competitions. Besides, the drones are also able to get some amazing photos which are the other key benefit.

In fact, the drones have multipurpose use and the users get the optimum use of the devices whenever they need. They are smart devices and come with a wide number of features to meet the everyday needs of the users. And in the present context, the drones are widespread and used even for racing too. Some of the drones are made to the race which is enjoyable to the largest extent. As a result, the necessity of the drones is on the rise. Drones are used in diversified tasks like aerial photography, tracking something, conducting a survey for construction and much more. Drones serve the best in all such aspects.

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How to Choose the Right Drone?

Well, this is a complex issue to consider. Getting the right piece of the drone is not an easy task. Most of the cases, the drone users make some usual mistakes while buying a drone. They actually do not know how to get the best one. They just move in the shops and get the drone they like most instead of knowing their needs and drone features. Consequently, they get some horrific experience and term drones as the worst things or toys they ever had bought. Thereby, to make them aware and to ensure the right thing, here are some basic features. The features will help the drone users to know about the drones and get their desired one based on their needs.

Charging Backup

This is one of the most important issues that a drone user should consider seriously before getting a drone. Most of the cases, the drone users get the drones based on their outlook. They do not investigate the charging issue. Usually, a drone flies around six to eight minutes after a full battery charge. But sometimes, the charging back up and flight duration might vary. It varies based on the droning quality and the features that it will apply during the flight. When the drone flies at a low speed the charge may last for one or two minutes longer. And if the drone is in expert mode, the charge may not even last for over six minutes.

Hence, you should know about the charging issues. Make sure you know the charging details about the drone and then take the decision if you want to take it or leave it. Sometimes, the users are unaware of the issues and they get the unsuitable drones for them. Later, they regret their decisions. You certainly do not want to get a negative impact from your drone batteries.

Know the Camera

Photography is made easier with drones. But not all the drones are for photographic use. Some of the drones have a higher quality camera while many other drone cameras are not up to the mark. You might get puzzled to check the cameras. Thereby, you should check the camera beforehand. It would be the best if you can check the cameras during the flight. Though the sellers or manufacturer might place some objections, it would be the best to check the cameras during a test flight. It will help you to know the camera rightly. When you will get the images during the flight, you can decide if the camera is really helpful for you or not.

If the camera resolution and other functions are up to the mark, you can take the drone. And again, it would be wise if you check the camera by yourself. The manufacturer might advertise about the camera quality but there might be some mistakes. The camera resolution might not satisfy you or there might be some manufacturing errors. So, you can solve all the issues together by your awareness. Check the camera in the first hand and you will get the perfect one.

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Which one do You Need?

Not all the drones are suitable for you. As a matter of fact, there are a good number of drones are manufactured every day. But not all of them are your type. If you really decide to get a drone, you have to know which type of user you are. There are three basic drones are available for three types of users. They are – the beginners, the intermediate and the expert. Not everyone is the beginner or not the rest are the experts. You need to define in which category you belong. If you are a novice, you cannot deal the expert level drones. And similarly, if you are an expert, you will not feel comfortable with the beginners’ drones. So, this is really important to know about your user capacity.

The features are different for all the types of users. Hence, your satisfaction is not guaranteed if you make a mistake in selecting the right drone. There might be issues if you select the wrong one. And when the right one is in your hand, you will be the happiest man in the world.


Sometimes the drones need some additional accessories. A few of the manufacturers add the accessories with the drones. But to make the issue complex, the majority of the manufacturers do not add the accessories. The users need to buy them additionally. In some points, the accessories are sold at a higher price. And if you are unlucky, you would be unable to get the accessories at all. The ones you will get will not be up to the mark. And you might need to get the accessories again and again. This is really a piece of trouble for the drone users. If you are unable to fly the drone for the want of accessories, it would create some sense of irritation inside your mind.

So, this would be the best if you check the accessories before you decide to get a drone. Ensure the drone comes with all the necessary accessories and spare parts. If the parts or accessories are not available, you need to get information about the availability in your local stores and also about the price and quality. You need to spend a smart amount of bucks for the accessories but in return; you should get the best products. The sellers or the manufacturers will never inform you about the accessories issues. So, it stands your responsibility to check the accessories before you get the drone.


The range of drones is another important issue that every drone user should consider beforehand. The moderate range of the drones is up to 50 meters. But in some cases, the range may get an extension. In that case, the range may be extended to 10 or 20 meters more. Those drones are for expert use. And their operation method is also different. When you will get a drone, check back the drone range. But the range may also vary if you do not use the right battery or accessories. When the drone gets heavier, this is not possible for the quadcopter to fly to a high altitude or you cannot control it from a long distance.

But if the accessories are right and provide the right amount of power to the droning motor, it can be controlled from a long distance. The operation becomes easier within the range of the drones. So, this is really an important issue to ponder before you get a drone regardless of purpose.

Easy Control

With the advancement of science, the drones are able to be controlled in various ways. Now you can control the drones by two separate ways. First of all, you will get a transmitter or remote control to control over the drone during the flight. And secondly, you will have the chance of using a smartphone app to control over the drone. Both the ways are easy to handle. But some of the people find it complex to control the drone using an app. They prefer the transmitter as they do have less familiarity with the smartphone app and other modern gadgets.

By the same time, there are some opposite views. The users are able to control the drones using the apps so easily. In fact, this is the smartest way to control the drone. Just download the app and start using it with the drone. You also can have the option for live photos and videos while using the app. This is a great fun for the users.


Speed is the other thing that you should consider while planning to purchase a drone. The speed of the drones varies based on the drone categories. The drones which are for racing will have more speed than the other toy drones. Another thing should be kept in mind that the more the speed, the more the charge will be consumed. So, if such issues take place with the drone, you do not need to worry at all. Besides, the drones which are meant for flying only will have a longer duration. So, it is up to you to get the drone which suits you most comparing the charging back up.

Drone Carriers

When you plan to move out with the drone, you will need a carrier for the drone. Often the manufacturers provide with some cases for the drone carrying. Besides, some of the manufacturers also provide bags to carry the drones. But if you are not provided with something to carry the drones, there might be something wrong. You should check the matter and inform the seller. The bags and cases are usually stylish and they are not available outside in the shops. They come only with the drones. So, you should check the carriers as well before getting the drone.

Spare Parts

Drones have different types of parts which are not available in the usual shops. The manufacturer often provides the spare parts with the pack. The parts may contain spare propellers, batteries, landing gears etc. Before you take any decision to get a drone, you should check the spare parts. If there are no spare parts with the drone, you should discard the idea of getting it. The ideal drone comes with certain spare parts. In fact, the drone might experience some troubles in their flights. This is not possible for all the drones to take the perfect flight and landing. You cannot always prevent the drone crashing. The propellers, landing gears might get damaged in that process. So, the necessity of spare parts cannot be denied.

Key Features of EACHINE E58

Have you ever thought why this is the best drone under 100? If the answer is no, here are the facts. This is the best drone under 100 that comes with arrays of features for the users. You are now able to do some extraordinary things with this drone. Some of the most noted features of this drone are mentioned here for your consideration before you jump to get the other drones.

Best Starter Drone

This is one of the best starter drones in the market. It comes with the necessary features that the best starter drone needs. Usually, the beginners are unable to comply with a drone which has some special features. They cannot run the drones which are made for the experts. As a result, their experience is a bit complex when they are asked to fly drones with so many features. But this particular drone has several features that allow the easy operation of the drone for the beginners.

Foldable Arms

This is another impressive feature of this drone. It comes with foldable arms. It means you can fold the arms as and when you need them. Besides, carrying the drones is also easier for the foldable arms. If you want to move in any place with the drone, you can easily do that. Just fold the arms and pack the drone. But this is not possible for the other types of drones. As the arms could not be folded, it becomes hard for the users to carry the drones with them. Sometimes, they miss the drone flights as they cannot bring the toys with them due to carrying complexities. So, you are free of such troubles.


A large number of drones are not made with the RTF feature. Ready To Fly (RTF) refers that you can fly the drone immediately after unpacking it. You do not need to make any further assembly or another sort of testing. There are some drones which need to assemble after unpacking. They also need some testing before they could fly. This is really a time-consuming task. But this piece of the toy allows you to be free. You can just open it and start flying. As a direct result, this has become a great drone for all types of users.

Auto Hovering

When the drone will remain at the same altitude, certainly you will say ‘Wow!’ Almost all the major drone manufacturers ignore the issue. They do not focus on the hovering issues. It points out that this drone is able to hold the altitude. For instance, when the drone is on a 30-meter altitude, you can keep it in the same height as long as you want. But the other ordinary drones do not have the same feature. When the drones experience a high wind, they deviate from the altitude. And the deviation ruins the fun. Thereby, considering the impacts, the drone makers have focused the issues and made it enable to hold the altitude by auto hovering.

Simple Control

Wondering how to control this special drone? No worries. It does not matter if you are an old gun or a fresher, you will get the option to control the drone in your own way. The drone comes with a dual control system. It means that you can either control the drone using the transmitter or you also can operate it using the app. Both the ways are easier to follow. For the transmitter control (also known as a remote control), you will need to insert batteries in the transmitter and start commanding by pressing the keys. And when you are on the app, you will need to install the app from the recommended store and start using it. But using the app will allow you to have some extra features.

Intelligent Orientation

The drone has an intelligent orientation. You will have the option to operate the drone in a headless mode. This mode allows you to navigate the drone easily when it is far away from you. Since the drone is smaller in size, it is tough to determine the directions when it is at a high altitude. But if you know that the head of the drone is on a certain direction, it becomes easier to operate it. The similar idea I applied in the drone. On the headless mode, the drone head will always be facing at you when it is in a long distance. Thereby, the operation becomes easier for the users.

Multiple Speeds

The drone users will be amazed at the multiple speeds of the drone. You can increase or decrease the speed based on your needs. If you are a beginner, it would be hard for you to control a high speed. And if you are an expert, it would be boring for you to fly the drone at a lower speed. So, based on your needs and expectations, you can set the drone speed. This is really a great feature for the users.

HD Camera

This Eachine quadcopter comes with 720P HD camera. Besides, you can also adjust the camera angels based on necessities. In fact, this is a real photographic drone that admits the users to get the right camera click. You can set the directions of the camera so that you can have the unique click. The image quality is also superior. The usual drones do not have the HD camera. Instead, they use the low-grade cameras and the image quality becomes poor. They just add the cameras as they need to add. This is a kind of carelessness from the manufacturer. But considering the photographic needs, the HD camera with angle selection mode is really a jewel for this drone.

WiFi Transmission

Now, you do not need to wait for the drone to land, get out the SD card and check the images. Those days are gone. When you will be using the app to operate the drone, you will have the option of WiFi transmission. It refers that the images or videos you are capturing, you can stream them live on your mobile phone or to any other device. Moreover, this option also allows you to store the captured images or videos to any cloud storage.

Night Flight

There are people who have some strange features. And flying the drones at night time is one of them. But when the drones are without any lighting system, this really becomes hard for the users to fly at night. Considering this aspect, this particular drone manufacturer has made some changes in the drone body. The attachment of LED lights is one of them and it has made the night flight easy. You will get front and back lights that will make the flying easier. The drone comes with two white LEDs for its front part while there is a red LED on its back. Thereby, the night operation is easier than before.

3D Flip

This is a common feature of all the drones available in the present time. This is not an exception for this drone too. The drone is able to make 3D flips during the flight. And it really looks awesome when it takes the flips.

Charging and Flying Time

The drone requires around one hour to be charged and with that charge, you can fly the drone for about seven to nine minutes. But based on the speed, the charge may be consumed too early. If you fly the drone at the maximum speed, it might not last than over six to seven minutes. But if you fly the drone at a lower speed, you can get the maximum duration of the flight. So, you need not worry if you get a lower flight time.



Detachable motor: the motor of the drone is detachable. You can detach the motor based on the necessity and this feature is not available for all the drones.

  • Protection Cover: the drone comes with a protective cover that allows the users to protect it from any external damages or impacts.
  • Spare blades: the manufacturer has added spare blades with the drone so that the users can apply the blades once the original blades are damaged.
  • Easy Transmitter operation: the drone transmitter comes with some easy operation features. The functions are well arranged and user-friendly for all types of users.



  • Fragile blade shelves: the blade shelves that comes with the pack is highly fragile and if you are not well aware, you may break them easily.
  • Breaks easily: the plastics used the in the body are not up to the mark and may break too easily.

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Final Verdict

You are having a drone means you are having fun. But getting the best drone under 100 really needs some prior experience. This particular drone comes with the features that will enchant the users. The quadcopter camera is able to capture some real-time images that are excellent. Photographers are in love with it. Besides, the app control features made it popular among the youngsters of the age. The altitude hold is also praiseworthy while the other ordinary drones are unable to stand the wind velocity. The FPV is simply a wow! You actually cannot imagine how nice the first person view (FPV) looks with the camera of this drone. And of course, you are to consider the battery strength. They perform better than the other available batteries.

Therefore, this could be a great buy for you considering all the aspects regardless of your using capacity.

Eachine drones are the best drones under 100. The features and options will blow your mind indeed. The drones are made with top-notch technology and best for the starters. Detachable motor, spare blades and other accessories are available with this drone. They have easy transmitting options.